Join a the Pennyrille Area Cycle Club – Get Rid of Boredom

Cycling is a very nice and a very healthy hobby. However, while many of us start with this, we usually get bored very soon. Why is that? Because we get bored just driving on our own. Exercises are much better and more effective when they are done in a group. My advise, join a cycling group. Don’t worry if you think that you are too slow or that you won’t be able to keep up with the rest for very long, this is not what cycling clubs are about. Don’t even think that you can be left behind on a bike ride or that you can’t do the program every week. Trust me, it is a lot worse if you ride solo.

In a well organized cycle club, like Pennyrille Area Cycle Club, the problems that I have listed above are completely non-existent. Everybody here, from the staff, the instructors and trainers, to the other members of the club will make you feel really included and welcome. Even though a bicycle has only one seat, cyclists are always willing to look after each other.

If you are worried about your fitness, you really don’t need to be. Most other members are just like you, average blokes that have “let go of themselves a little”. People come here because they love riding their bicycles and they love being with other people, the fitness part comes in last. There’s actually only a few of the guys and girls that are truly “dedicated” to staying fit and are commuted. The rest of the members are there just for fun.

Pennyrille Area Cycle Club is not about your cycling ability. If you can ride a bicycle and you probably can, you are fully welcome here. This is actually about connecting with the other people and sharing your passion for this great hobby or sport.

There are many types of cycle clubs and you should really look around your area for what you will feel the most comfortable joining. Ask in your local bike shop and they will be able to give you a lot of info about this. Pennyrille Area Cycle offers its members not only the opportunity to ride a bike and enjoy a great exercise (indeed cycling is on of the best ways to stay physically fit), but also to get together with other guys and girls that love bikes like you do. Also, if you are a beginner, there is nothing that you have to be worried about as the club caters for its beginner riders. Out of 50-60 members that it has every year, from 2005, when it has been established, PAC had at least a fifth if not more of that number being people who have never rode a bicycle in their life before.

Apart from getting your body in a tip-top shape, you’ll also meet many new friends here. Those are just two of the many reasons why joining the Pennyrille Area Cycle Club is very good thing for you to do.